Ethio-Kenya Border Clash

Ethio-Kenya Border Clash Ethio-Kenya Border Clash

A conflict provoked last week at the Ethio-Kenyan border has claimed human lives and led to the destruction of properties, according to Reporter Amharic.

But the number of the deceased and the amount of destruction of properties are still not disclosed.

The reason of the conflict, which had also damaged a nearby areas is still to be known yet.

Two years ago, Ethiopians who resides in the border killed three Kenyan securities, which instigated a sporadic clashes between the two countries, eyewitnesses told Reporter. That killing was a principal source of disagreement between the two governments.

The border saw clashes between the two countries, and tensions still flare, but irregularly.

Ethiopia and Kenya have been facing with problems to do with Al-Shabaab attacks, illegal immigration and water conflict at the border.

In a bid to discuss the way outs to do away from these border tensions with Kenyan officials, Kassa Teklebirhan, Minister of Federal and Pastoral Development Affairs was in Kenya just five days before, and its fruits are expected more likely to be optimistic.

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