Woman Raped, Given HIV/AIDS by Her Stepfather

Woman Raped, Given HIV/AIDS by Her Stepfather Woman Raped, Given HIV/AIDS by Her Stepfather

Haftu Woldemariam, a resident at Kukufto City of the Raya-Azebo Woreda, who had accused of raping his stepdaughter, 10, and infected with HIV/AIDS, has found guilty and sentenced to 25 years of prison.

The convict, who is HIV/AIDS positive has deliberately raped and infected his stepdaughter with the virus, who previously was negative, according to a medical evidence presented by the Prosecutor.

Maychew Bench Court of the South Tigray Zone has sentenced Haftu to 25 years of prison in a court hearing on June 23, 2017.

Figures shows that women and girls usually abuses by their intimate partners.

Governments around the world have done far too little to combat the entrenched, chronic abuses of women’s and girls’ human rights that put them at risk of HIV, according to Human Rights Watch.

By failing to enact and effectively enforce laws on domestic violence, marital rape, women’s equal property rights, and sexual abuse of girls, and by tolerating customs and traditions that subordinate women, governments are enabling HIV/AIDS to continue claiming the lives of women and girls.

Families perpetrate domestic violence including marital rape, violations of property and inheritance rights, the harmful traditional practices of bride price, widow inheritance, and ritual sexual “cleansing”; and sexual abuse of girls and tolerated by governments. They are among the most pervasive and dangerous violations for women and girls. In the context of HIV/AIDS, they can be lethal.

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