Blood Test for Maternal and Child Health

Blood Test for Maternal and Child Health Blood Test for Maternal and Child Health

"When I was in the family way, I never went to a health station. As a result, my two children died during delivery. Unluckily, to date I have not my own child whom I hug and kiss," says one of the women whom this writer approached for an interviewee at Gandi Memorial Hospital.

She goes by the name Mudina Awol. Previously, she had been living in Worabe town of Selti Zone. It was while she was a little girl she married. But she did not get a chance for a child. Once, discussing the issue, her family members decided to send Mudina to Addis Ababa assuming that she can get a better medical treatment. So, she went to the hospital for medical check up - to make the third trial effective.

Though Worabe is not in short supply of heath institutions, Mudina has not yet been aware of the significance of prenatal care. Often, with great sadness, she recounts what happened to her. As to her, during the delivery of her first child, she did not go to hospital but gave birth at home. And she was in labour starting from midnight. No result. Rather she lost strength. The next day, Mudina's families took her to a hospital. Though she gave birth to a child, he was stillborn.

Mudina got pregnant for the second time without wasting time to actualize her dream of having a child to hug and kiss and thereby fulfil the dreams of her husband and the family. She did not go to health stations. She spent all the nine months of her pregnancy without shunning health stations. Finally, she gave birth at home. Unfortunately, once again the newly born baby had not a chance to stay in life. She lost the second child too.

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