The Stars come out in Addis for International Ballet Stars Gala

The Stars come out in Addis for International Ballet Stars Gala International Ballet Stars Gala

A lot of people chat with their families, friends and colleagues heard during the night at the entrance area of Ethiopian National Theatre, on June 7 around 6:30 pm.

People, mostly the diplomatic community ballet dance goers were lined-up to buy a ticket for the International Ballet Stars Gala, amounted 250 Birr, which, according to the organizers, all proceeds will go to “Positive Action Community Organization (PACO),” a charity that feeds nearly 120 impoverished persons living with HIV/AIDS.

A second, performance will be held today at City Hall for an audience of 850, including underprivileged children.

The Gala was co-hosted by the Embassy of the United States of America in Addis Ababa and Cactus Communication, an event organizer firm, along with other sponsors.

Although, the big event was supposed to be started at 7 PM as per the schedule, it started late—around 7:30 pm.

The lights dimmed and the curtainwas raised one drizzly to host eight superb group performances staged on Wednesday night by international ballerinas from five countries –the U.S. Australia, South Africa, Japan and Chile.

Traditional Ethiopian music and “They never know what I’m capable of” literary “Chelotayen Ayawkum” amazing performances were also staged by Melaku Belay of Fendika accompanied by Tim Podesta and Destino Dance Company of Ethiopia, respectively.

Dazzling performances, brought the beauty of ballet and artistic expression to Ethiopia also entertained the audiences mainly were members of the diplomatic corps and foreign nationals resides in Addis Ababa.

Opened with “Dianna and Aceton” by Brooklyn Mack of Washington Ballet and Ayano Kimura of Washington Ballet, “People who help people” was the second performance about sympathy among human beings by Angela Malan from South Africa and Shannon Glover.

Other eight six ballet dances were also displayed to audiences until 9:24 pm. That night’s gala saw a full house with only one or two empty chairs between groups of eager visitors who showered applause on all the dancers.

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