Final Season of Yegna Radio Drama to Hit the Airwaves

Final Season of Yegna Radio Drama to Hit the Airwaves Final Season of Yegna Radio Drama to Hit the Airwaves

The Yegna Radio Drama Final Season Hits the Airwaves: Inspiring Girls in Ethiopia to Reach Their Full Potential

Season 9 Airs: June 4, 2017 to August 27, 2017

Having amassed a loyal following of nearly two million fans in only two years, the Yegna radio drama will air its much anticipated final ever season next month. The season will start on June 4 2017 and will be airing Sundays on Fana FM and Sheger FM at 1pm and Amhara FM/AM at 5pm.

The Yegna radio drama follows the lives of five young women from different walks of life coming together through their love of music. Together, they help one another navigate the challenges of what it means to be a girl in Ethiopia.

In season 9, the Yegna girls aspire to turn their dreams into action by challenging the negative social norms holding them back. The most emotional and heart wrenching of all the Yegna radio dramas to date, season 9 is both a season of endings and new beginnings as the five girls find out what the future holds in store for them.

Will Mimi manage to stay in night school, run a business and keep herself off the streets? Will Emuye get past the pressure of having an abusive father and graduate 10th grade? Will Sara be able to convince her parents that her dreams are different from what her parents had in mind? You will have to tune to find out!

Lemlem Hailemichael, the actress who plays the character Mimi said: “This is the final season of our radio drama - but every last chapter is the beginning of a different chapter. While this radio drama is coming to an end, we will be meeting again soon in a new and exciting way! Thank you for all the love.”

Yegna is Ethiopia’s first teen brand and is, first and foremost, Ethiopian. It is rooted in Ethiopian culture, developed and delivered by and for Ethiopians. Yegna has started provocative conversations and a national dialogue about the positive role girls can play in Ethiopian society. By using a radio drama, a radio talk show, music and music videos, Yegna has challenged how girls are thought of and how they think about themselves.

Yegna storylines have been developed with girls, their families and in communities across Ethiopia to ensure that they accurately reflect the stories, voices, and realities of Ethiopian girls. Anyone who has listened to the radio drama will tell you about its stand-out quality and the storylines’ ability to make people think again about the value of girls.

While season 9 is the last series of the Yegna radio drama, this is by no means the end of Yegna. The Yegna team in Ethiopia is currently working on new and exciting projects that will take Yegna’s messages nationwide to an even bigger legion of fans. Stay tuned!

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