The Return of Kahsay Berhe – the Superstar

The Return of Kahsay Berhe – the Superstar Kahsay Berhe

To the youth of the 90’s he is the utmost superstar. After a glamorous journey as a pop singer, he had fallen sick in mid 2000s and has been away in Europe for medical purposes. He returned home for the 26th Independence Day Anniversary; and wow, what an emotional and massive homecoming?! It made him “grateful for his life” in his own words.

With 9 CDs, and an estimated 200 songs, Kahsay is once again working to blow the minds of his fans. Although he won’t be healthy enough for a concert, he promises to put out a new CD.

This is probably one of my most preferred interviews of all times; I know I’ll gain points from the 90’s youth. After all, I am bringing their idol to our page! Due to his weak health, Kahsay had refused any media appearances.

Q : Welcome back home Kahsay

I have been away for 10 years! It feels… I don’t know. I have been dwelling with mixed feelings. But generally I feel grateful and overjoyed to be back home. I love the fact that I celebrated Independence Day with my people. I love my country. I had missed my family, friends and my people. It is good to be back. It feels right.

Q : The hit song of 26 year back

“Those are feelings of my people”. Back then my band Adulis had only been formed and we had just started to perform live in clubs. And then one special Friday in May, we heard gossips of ‘liberation’. It was unbelievable. At that time, I was with my wife, back then a beautiful young girl, also my girlfriend. I walked her home and on our way we saw Ethiopian soldiers running away cowardly and we really didn’t know how to react towards the fact that people who would normally intimidate us were actually running from us.

I am not saying that the people did not expect victory, we were very aware that the freedom wave was very close, but still, we did not rationalize how to accept it.

Anyways, then we saw the freedom fighters storm in the streets of Asmara. They overtook all the roads! And wow… it was a myth. Their afro hair, dirty and little clothes, their massive youthful presence, their speed and their big smiles. They were so young, you know. I don’t know how to explain but it was just epic.

People rushed out of their homes. For days no house was closed. The doors were open. Anyone could go in and fetch whatever you find and give it to the freedom fighters. They looked famished but they’d only eat little. I swear, we were momentarily insane by joy. We kept screaming and running after every freedom fighters. Nobody went home for days. We did not sleep for days. We danced, hugged each other and congratulated one another literally for days.

People would come up with folk songs and dance to them. And it simply went like “I am feeling joy thanks to my hero brother, thanks to my heroine sister” (singing). I decided to go home and turn it to a welcome song. I composed the full melody and put the words of the folk song ‘Yisimaani alo’ (I am feeling) to a full song.



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