Public inquiry into the death of Mogous Abay

Public inquiry into the death of Mogous Abay Mogous Abay

The Ethiopian community based in London iscalling for a series of investigations on the sudden death of Mogous Abay, who suddenly died at Chennai Avenue, London on July 9, 1998.

Members of the community are demanding a series investigation has to be immediately launched by the government of Britain to know the real cause of his death.

Since 1998 there has been no serious police investigation into the death of Mogous Abay. The circumstances that lead to the death of Mogous are considered to be suspicious and the handling of the case by the police highlights inconsistencies.

The police assumed that Mogous had committed suicide by throwing himself from the fourth floor of his flat in London. Contrary to police reports, several witnesses have signed statements insisting that Mogous had come to his death before the event of a fall.

Other key points of failure to follow a routine in the police investigation include:


1. No notification was given to the Coroner to call of key witnesses such as the duty doctor or the ambulance crew to the Coroner's inquest. 

2. Despite the suspicions of Mogous family and the witness statements, no forensic evidence was taken at the scene of the crime. 

3. There was no direction given to the Coroner in calling witnesses or making referrals to witness statements given by three individuals at the scene of the death. 

4. When Alemseged asked for the return of his brother's clothes, the police refused to give back the items claiming, they “had burnt his them”


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Please access the link below to sign the petition for a public inquiry into the death of Mogous Abay.

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