Agro business workshop on Avocado production in Ethiopia

Agro business workshop on Avocado production in Ethiopia Agro business workshop on Avocado production in Ethiopia

A sensitization workshop on Avocado production in Ethiopia was jointly organized by Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association in partnership with MASHAV on May 7, 2017 at Hilton hotel.

The workshop was opened by a welcoming remark by Israeli Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia Ms. Tal Ben-Ari Yaalon & USAID Ethiopia Economic growth office Head Mr.Stephen Morin.

Aiming on creating awareness about Avocado production in Ethiopia it’s stated on the workshop that Ethiopia has a competitive advantages considering its various agro-ecological zones and natural resources to produce variety of fruit and vegetables.

Mentioning that even though Avocado introduced to Ethiopia early of 1938, the industry is in its infancy and has not yet utilized the immense potential of this crop. In the world production of avocado Ethiopia is ranked 20 with a production share of 1.1% which is 4 times lower than Kenya and 3 times lower than Rwanda.

Currently the export of Avocado is limited to regional markets to Djibouti and Yemen with very small quantities, different commercial farms are now taking the initiative to export the crop to Europe.

Mrs. Helina (FAV Export facilitation project Manager for EHPEA) stated on her opening speech that “the demand for avocado is developing rapidly that globally avocado consumption is growing by about three percent every year; especially in North America and Europe. According to new importing counties like China receives thirty containers per week, this shows that the demand for avocado is increasing rapidly & we need to tap this opportunities properly.”

She also emphasize that EHPEA have been working on different capacity building for those who are involved on the sector so that they can comply with international market standards which is pertinent to enter high end market. The association is more than willing and ready to work with partners who can add tangible values for our further integration in to the global horticulture supply chain. 

On the workshop different presentation have been presented on Avocado Development Research in Ethiopia & International production and Marketing trends of Avocado and EVAO company overview presented by Dr.Edossa Etissa, Senior Researcher at Melkassa Agricultural Research Center, Mr. Ofer Kahani, Project Coordinator, Mashave respectively.

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