Quadruplets to Attend Yale University Together

Quadruplets to Attend Yale University Together The Wade Brothers

They share the same name, the same parents and the same love of American Football and other sports.

Now the Wade quadruplets of Ohio, are set to study together at the same college after getting offers from dozens of institutions across the country,

The brothers from Liberty Township, near Cincinnati, were all accepted for Harvard and Yale. After a lot of thought, they decided they would continue to stick together by all taking the offer from Yale.


NBC News said it had been an easy decision for 18-year-old Nick, Zach and Nigel Wade. “The school treated us like family,” Nigel said the night the deadline for deciding which college to attend.

But Aaron Wade, who was also accepted to Stanford University, was reportedly much less certain - especially after he visited Stanford’s campus in California.

“There was a part of me that didn’t want to like the school because it would make my decision easy,” he said. “Alas, that didn't happen. I loved it as well.”

He added: “But at the end of the day, Yale made sense logistically, and it's an amazing school. I don’t regret my decision even though right now it kind of feels like a sacrifice.”

The news channel said the four brothers decided on Yale after receiving an “extraordinary” financial aid package, which no other college could beat.

Their father Darrin Wade, a senior staff software architect for General Electric, said: “Yale won. They made the best offer, and it was the benchmark for my sons."

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