NEAEA: Preps ready for school leaving, entrance Exams

NEAEA: Preps ready for school leaving, entrance Exams NEAEA: Preps ready for school leaving, entrance Exams

National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency disclosed that preparations are underway to effectively conduct school leaving and university entrance exams based on the experience obtained from previous experiences.

 Preparations have been carried out in preparing the exams, printing as well as distributing to all exam centers, Araya Gebregzabiher Director-General of the Agency told ENA.

 The process of the preparations including packing of examinations will be monitored on cameras to ensure effective control.

 Last year the English exam for university entrance examination was stolen and released online, which led to the postponement of the entire examination schedule.

 Adequate preparations are being made to carefully handle the entire process and security precaution for the examinations, said Araya.

Consultative workshop has also been carried out with stakeholders drawn from federal and regional level to ensure the conduct of the examinations with the standards and quality required for the smooth handling of the entire process.

This year, 1.2 million grade 10 students and 288,000 grade 12 students will sit for the national school leaving and university entrance examinations respectively.

All these number of students will play a crucial role in reporting any misgivings and mishandling of the exams, Araya emphasized.

Attitudinal change is important to avoid cheating and he said that examination results obtained in any illegal manner will be disqualified

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