Army unit Awarded for Bursting the Bubble of Al-Shabaab

Army unit Awarded for Bursting the Bubble of Al-Shabaab Mulatu Teshome

Ethiopia marks 5th Defense Day

The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) has, several times, emasculated Al-Shabaab's dream of  controlling the entire Somalia and pose threat to the Horn countries.

The Al-Qaeda linked anti-peace element had to face recurrent defeats in  war fronts and  its fantasy went in smokes. ENDF, under the umbrella of AMISOM, and on its own, paid a considerable sacrifices. "The group,  aiming to tarnish our force in black and to retaliate the defeats, armed itself to [teeth]   opened attacks," said Gen. Samora Yenus speaking at the occasion organized to mark the 5th ENDF Day held in Ethiopian Somali state town of  Jigjiga yesterday.

The southeast command 13th Division 4th Regiment successfully overcome the attack in June 2016 and foiled it within short time. "It is unusual to control and defeat a force that prepared itself  for so long within short time," the Gen. remarked. For him, this is an indication that the force has fully understood its mission and taken the needed preparations and great maneuver.

President Dr. Mulatu Teshome who graced the event themed: 'Our bravery built on public foundation remains afresh'  awarded the regiment  with Second Level Adwa Medal.     

The president lauded members of the regiment that  inflected huge casualties and property damages on Al Shabaab in Halgen, Somalia.

The regiment once again attested  Ethiopian forces gallant deeds on war fronts to the entire the world, the president indicated.

Stating country's  active roles in UN peacekeeping missions, Dr. Mulatu said the force   has gained wider recognition before the international community.  "Currently Ethiopia is the leading troop contributor in the UN peacekeeping missions."

The president went on saying that al-Shabaab’s  threat is not yet fully over, and  ENDF would  fight the remnants of the group under the umbrella of AMISOM (AU Mission in Somalia) and on its own.

He affirmed government’s unreserved supports for the ENDF in its efforts of  safeguarding  country’s sovereignty and curtailing possible threats of  both internal and external ones.  

The day is commemorated as  Ethiopian  National Defense Forces Day owning to  its establishment in February 14,1996. 

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