A Celebration of Bob Marley's Birthday

A Celebration of Bob Marley's Birthday A Celebration of Bob Marley's Birthday

Bob Marley songs still going viral as of February 2017 on his 72nd Anniversary

On the 72nd year since the birth of the great Reggae artist, Bob Marley #Djphatsu interviews Zeleke Gessesse, a pioneer of Reggae music to Ethiopia, music producer and popular reggae singer with over four albums to date. 

Zeleke Gessesse has been in Ethiopia for the past four years after moving back the USA. He won two Grammys with Ziggy Marley and Melody Makers, with whom he has worked for ten years. In the course of this video interview which is available on DireTube's video section, Zeleke explains the significance of Bob Marley to not only reggae music but to world culture, as one of the prominent figures of the 20th century. Zeleke also tells us his favorite Bob Marley songs and discusses the state of the Bob Marley statue in Addis Ababa which has recently been marked for removal due to master plan design issues and traffic congestion in that Imperial area.

According to Zeleke, Bob Marley was chosen by Time magazine during in 2000 as one of the people that changed the world in the period between 1900-2000. Bob Marley through his music introduced concepts of Pan-Africanism, human rights, and equality that had a lasting impact on the lives of millions by changing the way they looked at themselves and the world around them. 

Zeleke's favorites are many and he mentions two for their depth Natural Mystic and Who the Cap fit (1976). The Survival album had a huge impact on him.

 Bob Marley considered Ethiopia his spiritual home. Zeleke mentions  Ethiopia early acceptance of Christianity, living in freedom from colonization, Adwa victory and others. 

Zeleke explains that the song 'Waiting in Vain' was Bob Marley's appeal to the African-American community. Lastly, Dj Phatsu asks about the Bob Marley statue and the talk about its removal. Zeleke tells him that he one of the sponsors along with Addis Gessese and the Ahadu Mohammed. The flow of traffic has led the Addis Ababa city administration to decide to look for an alternative. The Ethiopian government

The Ethiopian government is seeking a location that is better suited and is in the process of finding a place. There is talk of a memorial in Sashamene and Zeleke believes that it is very important that the new memorial is in Addis Ababa.  

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