No Mercy: Airlifted Ethiopian Jews face Racism in Israel

No Mercy: Airlifted Ethiopian Jews face Racism in Israel Airlifted Ethiopian Jews face racism in Israel

For more than three decades, the story of Operation Moses - the mission to airlift thousands of Jews from Ethiopia and absorb them in Israel - has been a source of pride for many supporters of the Jewish state. 

Even today, it is often recalled as an exception to the racist rule, a rare episode in which black people were not taken out of Africa to be enslaved, but rather, in order to be liberated.

Putting aside the erroneous Euro-centric assumption that Israel is not an integral part of the African continent itself, the zionist narrative which frames Israel as an anti-racist savior is highly problematic. 

On the 32nd anniversary of the conclusion of Operation Moses, it is high time to set the record straight: Israel only brought black people to the country under duress; and since their arrival, it has treated them worse than any other Jews.

No saviour: Airlifted Ethiopian Jews face racism in Israel

Last July, Israeli national television Channel 1 finally broke their silence on a story that this journalist had reported a year earlier – one that Ethiopian activists had been trying to call attention to for years.

The 15-minute expose asked the question: Why did Israel only began to bring black folks to the country in 1984, when the state had already been in existence since 1948? The Israeli government had facilitated Jewish immigration since its very inception, so why did it wait 36 years to start admitting Black Jews?


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