“Mogachoch” Writer Leaves Show After Argument

“Mogachoch” Writer Leaves Show After Argument “Mogachoch” Writer Leaves Show After Argument

A writer for “Mogachoch”, the long-running hospital-based drama on the Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS) has departed at the start of the first episode of season three after sparring with a producer.

Hailu Tsegaye, an experienced playwright and writer, has disclosed that he decided to leave the popular series after engaging in a heated exchange with the show’s producer, Mekdes Tsegaye over alerted script. Hailu said he is unhappy with Mekdes’ increasing tendency to dictate the script and alter the original work beyond recognition. The writer also said he felt disrespected as the producer told him that he would have no role in casting. The clash resulted in a meeting that ended with Tsegaye deciding to quit and replaced by another writer, Wudneh Kifle.

Mekdes, the producer and the principal actress of the film, denied the accusation and said the problem was the writer’s failing to deliver the script on time. She said she didn’t try to intervene in altering the story line, except insisting that the story should continue to revolve around a hospital. “At the start we were working amicably. He made suggestion in the choice of actors but he was not trying to push in putting his preferred actors on the show. But that has been happening more and more recently,” Mekdes said.

Mekdes sounded conciliatory, “Hailu is a good friend. There is nothing personal between us. It is just a work disagreement. We have resolved that harmoniously.”

Mekdes, who is also a model, has her own film production company called Mekdi productions PLC.

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