Bob Marley’s Statue To Be Erected In Addis

Bob Marley’s Statue To Be Erected In Addis Bob Marley

Reggae legend Bob Marley’s statue is due to be erected in Addis two months later in a great festive celebration; Musician Zeleke Gessese told Addis Admass weekly. The statue which is commissioned by Musician Zeleke Gessesse and Ato Addis Gessesse is to be erected at Bob Marley square in Addis. 

Rita Marley and Bob Marley’s two sons are expected to attend the ceremony. The inauguration of the statue is accompanied by a Reggae music concert where Bob’s sons play their tune.

Though previously the event was planned for Bob’s 70th birth day celebration in Addis, the fact that the birth day celebration being moved to Kingston, Jamaica has made it for the statue’s inauguration to be postponed. 

According to the organizers of the event, there will be music events throughout the year after the inauguration of the statue.

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