5 Most Difficult Subjects To Study In Ethiopia

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5 Most Difficult Subjects To Study In Ethiopia

Ordinarily, it is unreasonable to presume that any course in the university is easy. But in real sense of it, some are actually harder than others. Hence, requires skills, intelligence and hard work to take on them. In

Ethiopia there are courses which seem to throw in more challenge than others. Glance below to see our top 5 hardest courses in Ethiopia. We hope you’ll find this information not just useful and informative but also interesting.

Here are Top 5 Hardest Courses To Study In Ethiopia

1. Nursing

Though all the courses have their own unique hard time, but Nursing is considerably difficult than most majors. You  need to know everything you are taught  in your university years since you get to deal with human life afterwards. Nursing is broad and requires you to be detail oriented.  There area bunch of areas to cover within a specified time but it has a very good job outlook. Combing through all the content is demanding and hard since the content is voluminous. Despite the big content, you are required to know everything you are given in class and beyond. To take on this course, you need to have good interpersonal skill.

2. Chemistry

Every thing you come in contact with contains chemical either natural or man-made. Chemistry students study these chemicals and invent new ones. Taking on this major, you must know the properties of chemicals and other substances; how they interact, the changes they undergo and natural laws that instigate the change. There is a lot of logic and rules in Chemistry which you need to pay absolute attention to, of which organic chemistry is one. More so, you need to understand the definitions from the beginning and apply the definitions in solving problems. However, some get stuck half way still, especially when they are not able to think critically.

3. Engineering

Engineering is considered one of the hardest courses you can study in Ethiopia. It has to do with a whole lot of computations also. Things become messy when you are not good at computations because you will be doing more complicated math; not just addition and subtraction. The workload is also broad and demands dedication. The most dreaded part is dealing with calculus. Wanna take on this major? prepare your mind for the tough journey ahead.

4. Architecture

Architecture is one hard course that seems easy in the beginning. It weighs much on accuracy, skills and hard work, and will pose more challenge when you are not design-oriented and idea-oriented. You may waste all the time in Architectural studio calculating structural problems. It does steal your social life as well unless you are time efficient and balanced. It is a long career that requires sacrifice. Architecture  involves designing and planning buildings and other architectural structures and therefore requires care, skill, and hard study.

5. Pharmacy

You have to be highly intelligent and studious to take on this major. It’s really intense and needs you to focus all your energy on it. Significantly, it is time-consuming and can drain off your social life. There is too much to grasp, hence you must stay caught up. The workload is also vast with broad chemistry and other science courses to deal with.

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