Habte Selassie ኃብት ሥላሴ

Habte Selassie ኃብት ሥላሴ

HABTE SELASSIE ኃብት ሥላሲ is a recording reggae artist; Producer, Singer/songwriter, musician & One of the best BASS players (major instrument) you may ever find today, a Guitarist and drummer and a mesmerizing On-Stage Performer, soccer player, radio and at some point, Television presenter. 

Habte may be also credited as an influential element in establishing and assembling Ethiopia's 1st "All English FM radio Station and introducing modern FM broadcasting in Ethiopia. 

Having met with Bob Marley's mother in the early Youth days on a TV set as a raggamuffin artist back in the day, Cedella Marley Booker motioned Habte towards roots conscious reggae, encouraging Habte to take seriously on the message of Rastafari and directing Habte, then going by stage name; "Coco Banton", to even drop the "hardcore stage name "Coco Banton" for her rather preferred calmer of his "given-English" names "J Miles", which she preferred using to call Habte as is evident in the song collaboration "EXODUS" where she introduces Habte to the reggae world with the Bob Marley tributary song. 

Habte is one of the first artists from the raggamuffin genre of reggae to have started riding on roots reggae riddims towards conscious reggae music along the time the likes of Buju Banton, Capleton, Beenie Man and many of that time's "turned Rasta" ragga artists who also inclined to the roots reggae sound in the transition of time. 

With a touch in music production, picked through New England's Art Institute of Arts at Massachusetts Communications College in Boston, The versatility is exciting in combination of demonstration and stage performance. 

May the rest speak through the works in the hours of the rising sun. 

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