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Zelal Mekuria


Zelal Mekuria is a great Ethiopian songwriter, lyricist and record producer who has worked with a long list of Ethiopian musicians. He has provided lyrics or melodies for Alemayehu Eshete, Mahmoud Ahmed, Ephrem Tamiru, Kennedy Mengesha, Marta Ashagre, Netsanet Melese, Kuku Sebesebe, Aregahegene Worashe, Woubishet Fisseha, Tesegaye Eshetu, Haileye Tadesse, Madingo Aferwork, and many more. All his songs are in the Amharic language.

His first entry to the music world was the melody he provided to Kennedy Mengesha.

To name some of his work, he is credited for the melody of the song "እስከመቼም አልረሳው ያንቺን ፍቅር እኔ" sang by vocalist Ephrem Tamiru. The lyric for this song was written by Yilma Gebreab.

Zelalem Mekuria is a father of Two children.

In Ethiopia, the vocalist receives most of the credit for the songs he or she performs, while the lyricist and melodist are often not credited, or barely mentioned, and are generally unrecognized by the public.