Ethiopian parliament votes to end state of emergency

Ethiopian lawmakers voted Tuesday to lift a state of emergency imposed three months ago across the country to curb widespread anti-government protests. The ending of the

Ethiopian pastor killed by a crocodile during baptism ceremony

During a lakeside baptism service in Ethiopia, a pastor was killed after a crocodile attacked him. An 80-strong congregation looked on in horror as the reptile

ZEMEN 3 Part 86

Watch The Ethiopian Drama Series ZEMEN 3 Part 86 " type="application/x-shockwave-flash">" />

Welafen Drama Season 4 Part 47

Watch The Ethiopian Drama Series Welafen Drama Season 4 Part 47

Senselet Drama S02 EP31

Watch The Ethiopian Drama Senselet Drama S02 EP31  

5 Ethiopian Drama Series You Have To Watch

Ethiopian television programs are growing in popularity among the majority of the population. As access to technology is steadily increasing, viewers are being exposed to
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