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Just How Powerful Is Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is Africa's oldest country and with tensions rising with its neighbor Eritrea, we were wondering just how powerful is Ethiopia? 

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Is There Any Corruption In Ethiopia?

Do you agree with this version of Ethiopian history?  Watch and comment

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Is It Really True Ethiopia And Eritrea Hate Each Other?

Watch a video on " Why Do Ethiopia And Eritrea Hate Each Other?"  Leave your comment below.

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5 Ethiopian Drama Series You Have To Watch

Ethiopian television programs are growing in popularity among the majority of the population. As access to technology is steadily increasing, viewers are being exposed to

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10 Delicious Ethiopian Foods You Must Eat Before You Die

Ethiopian cuisine generally consists of vegetables, spicy meat dishes and breads. Now, if you are a food lover and particularly one with soft spot for

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Top 12 Ethiopian News Portals Online

Ethiopia is an East African country with many activities going on ranging from the economic to political and social activities. Getting all the latest news

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10 Magical Tips for Dating Ethiopian Men

Ethiopia is one of African’s largest countries with their population over 80 million landlocked by various climatic and political struggles. On the bright side, the

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List Of Famous TV Personalities Born In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country best known for its fast athletes like Dibaba and Bekele, breathtaking models like Liya Kebede and of course Haile Selassie but

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10 Ethiopian Music You Just Have To Listen To

The rich culture in Ethiopia has greatly influenced its music as each song has this soulful vibe and patriotic traditional harmony. In a country that

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Guys, Check Out The Top 10 Reasons To Date Ethiopian Women

Ethiopia holds the charm and mystery to millions of people all around the world and Ethiopian women are mystifying in their appearance. Dating is basically

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10 Important Things You Should Know About Ethiopia

The Horn of Africa might be the most conspicuous segment on the African map, but only a little is known about the region. Most people

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