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World’s Oldest Mother Gives Birth To Quadruplets

A 65-year-old who became the world’s oldest mother of quadruplets in May has proudly shown off her babies to the world for the first time. Annegret

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What's The World Coming To? Pastor Touches A Lady’s Private Area During Prayers

HAHAHAHA!!!  See Pastor Touching A Lady’s ”Thing” During Prayer    

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22yr old makes money by getting half-na ked and eating junk food for men online

 22yr old Caitlin makes up to £130 a week by eating 10,000 calories a day half-naked for men online. “I love the way I look

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Police Arrest Bird Carrying Cocaine And Marijuana

A homing pigeon was intercepted by police at a prison near San Jose, Costa Rica, after it was seen by a guard landing in the

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Unbelievable!! Hotel Where Perverts Pay To Have Sex With Animals (PHOTOS)

Three men have been jailed after being convicted of running an animal brothel in Swansea, Wales. The hotel specializes in getting animals and grooming them

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Ethiopian Mother Gives Birth To Baby With 2 Heads And Two Necks

An Ethiopian Mum gives an extraordinary babies with two heads and two necks. See the picture below:

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99-Year-Old Woman Graduates From College Of The Canyons

A 99-year-old Agua Dulce woman earned cheers and tears on Friday when she celebrated graduating from College of the Canyons before turning a century old. Doreetha

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See The Sacrilege Happenings In India

In India today, A strange phenomenon is playing out. Gay men are now punished by being forced to have sex with their mothers, lesbians raped

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Couple Weds After 70 Years Of Staying Together

70 years ago, they got married without a wedding; 70 years later, she donned the wedding gown and they exchanged their wedding rings. In Jinhua

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Indian Nurse In Coma For 42 Years Dies

The tragic story of a nurse who was raped so violently 42 years ago that she was left in a coma from which she never

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The Twins Who Have Different Fathers, Judge Finds In Paternity Case

A New Jersey dad has been ordered to pay child support for just one twin after a DNA test revealed that the other baby was

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Man, 40, Without Manhood Has Bedded 100 Women

Andrew Wardle, 40, from Greater Manchester, UK, has bedded over 100 women despite the fact that he doesn’t have a penis. Andrew has revealed all about

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