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Fake Or Real?

Is this fake boobs or real? You be the judge

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Billionaire Teaches His Son The Value Of Money In Amazing Way

In an effort to wean his son from a life of silver-spooned privilege, a Gujarati diamond merchant and proprietor of a Surat-based Rs 6,000 crore

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Eritrean man tries to sneak into Switzerland inside luggage

Swiss border guards have caught a 21-year-old Eritrean trying to sneak into southern Switzerland inside a piece of luggage on a train from Italy, a

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Unbelievable: 90-Year Old Woman Pregnant After Years Of Praying

BOONE COUNTY, West Virginia —Margaret Allen has raised 14 kids of her own, but none has given her a grandchild she so desperately wants. I’m not

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Strange World: 27 Year Old Bride Marries Dead Fiance

A 27-year-old bride, Nan Thippharat, has married her dead fiancé after he died of a sudden heart attack. The marriage ceremony, took place in the

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Man Whips Wife On Their Wedding Night After He Discovered She Was Not A Virgin

A Zimbabwean man whipped his wife for claiming that she was a virgin before he married her after he discovered that she was not during

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Ignorance: Man Opens Plane Door To Get Some 'Fresh Air'

In a bizarre incident, a passenger went ahead and opened the door of the plane while it was taxiing on the runaway in order to

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Incredible! Woman in Coma After Car Accident Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Boy

An extraordinary woman has made history by giving birth to a bouncing baby boy while in a coma after suffering a fatal accident. A pregnant

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Check out The World’s Craziest LAWS You Wouldn’t Want To Break, NUMBER 5 Is Really Shocking

We’ve all heard tall tales about bizarre laws from different parts of the world. Some of them sound so completely outlandish that they must be

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Alien Baby Looks Like It Is About To Burst Out Of Pregnant Woman's Baby Bump - Video

The video was shared to YouTube by an unnamed French mother It shows her unborn baby jabbing her aggressively from inside womb Viewers have questioned its authenticity, but she

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15-Year-Old Boy Caught Having S*x With Sheep

In this shocking confession, a 15-year-old boy has narrated how he raped a sheep as he admits he only enjoys having sex with animals.  Miracle Oluebube

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Omg! See The Country Where You Can Pay For Driving Lessons With S*x

In what is considered a crazy trend, people can now pay for driving lessons with sex if they have no money to do so.  Officials in

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