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Ethiopia Says Somaliland Displaced Thousands of Oromo People

Ethiopia accused neighboring Somaliland of illegally displacing more than 3,000 long-term Oromo residents in the wake of clashes on the boundary between two of Ethiopia’s

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Ethiopia Mobile Internet Still Off after a Week

Ethiopians were still unable to surf the web via mobile networks on Tuesday, despite government claims the nationwide internet shutdown, which began a week ago,

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Qatar Deputy Prime Minister meets with Ethiopian Official

Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Mahmoud, Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, today met with Dr. Negeri Lencho, Ethiopian Minister and

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How Long Can Ethiopia’s State of Emergency Last?

How Long Can Ethiopia’s State of Emergency Last? Government Communication Minister Dr. Negeri Lencho talks to Al Jazeera about the state of emergency which was imposed

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Political Unrest Simmering in Ethiopia

Four months after declaring a state of emergency in a crackdown on protests, Ethiopia’s government claims the country has returned to normal. Critics says the

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Ethiopia Calls for More Support to Tackle Drought

The Ethiopian government on Friday (Feb 3rd) called for more international support to tackle the exiting drought that affected some parts of the country. The Ethiopian

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“Ethiopia doesn’t detain journalists,” Negeri Lencho

These days Negeri Lencho, Ethiopia Minister of the Government Communication Affairs Office, is making the rounds at various media houses: BBC, Deutsche Welle, VOA, foreign-based

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