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Africa Given the Cold Shoulder by G7

Despite inviting several heads of state from Africa, G7 leaders meeting in Sicily had little to say about the many challenges facing the continent. Migration

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Italy signs Agreement with UNIDO to Help Increase Incomes of Ethiopian Coffee Producers

The project is hoped to improve the Ethiopian coffee supply chain value and enhance the inclusiveness and the integration of all the Ethiopian coffee sector

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Italy Threatens To Let Tens Of Thousands Of Refugees Loose Across The EU As France Closes Its Border

Italy has demanded help from EU interior ministers, but Theresa May and others will not budge on redistribution, instead called for action to tackle traffickers

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Ethiopia Veterans Wants Apology, Compensation From Italy

Ethiopian veterans, who gathered on Tuesday to commemorate comrades who fell during the Second Italo-Ethiopian War (1936-1940), say Rome should apologize and provide compensation for

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Maurizio Massari Is Willing To Mediate Between Egypt And Ethiopia

Cairo — Italy's Ambassador to Egypt, Maurizio Massari, has said that his country is willing to mediate between Egypt and Ethiopia to resolve the Renaissance

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