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Israel just showed what a ‘red line’ is really supposed to mean

A red line’s a red line. That was Israel’s message Wednesday, when it struck a major Syrian arms facility from the air. Jerusalem officials declined to

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Family of Ethiopian-Israeli man held by Hamas receives video of his crossing into Gaza

The family of an Ethiopian-Israeli man held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip after he voluntarily crossed the border fence was given a copy of

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Ethiopian PM Proud to Show Israel the Way When It Comes to Refugees

On a visit to Israel, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn tells Haaretz his country has an open-door policy and will ‘pay any price to help’ asylum

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First Lady Roman Tesfaye: I Feel at Home in Israel

PM and Sara Netanyahu host Ethiopian PM Desalegn and his wife Roman Tesfaye; Ethiopian guests emphasize warm relations with Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and

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Ethiopian Immigrants Arrive In Israel, First In 7 Months

More than 70 new Ethiopian immigrants landed in Israel Tuesday, the first to arrive in more than seven months. The 72 immigrants identified as Falash Mura,

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Young Ethiopians Seek Entry to Israeli Tech Scene

Tech-Career aims to help Ethiopians fully integrate into the workforce, arming them with professional tech and business skills Twenty-five-year-old David sits quietly at the table, waiting

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Father of Medal of Excellence Recipient arrives from Ethiopia

Sgt. Hanoch Arga, head of the IDF computer network, hasn't seen his father since he immigrated to Israel in 2010; his adoptive family prepared a

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Melanie Lidman on Ethiopian Aliyah

Times of Israel reporter speaks about the delay of Ethiopia’s Jews in coming to Israel

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Israel ignores UN demand to end settlements

UN Middle East envoy says Israel has failed to end illegal settlement activity and abide by UNSC Resolution 2334.Israel has not taken any steps to

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Surgeons Restores face of Ethiopian Boy Mauled by Hyena

Brought to Israel and treated here for humanitarian reasons, the Ethiopian Boy has recovered and his functional and cosmetic outcome is “acceptable,” doctors stated. Doctors at

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IDF Soldier Elor Azaria, Sentenced to 18 months in Jail

Elor Azaria was convicted of manslaughter after shooting and killing Abd Fatah al-Sharif, a wounded and incapacitated Palestinian assailant, in Hebron in March 2016. //

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Less than 100 Ethiopian Immigrants made Aliyah in 2015

Ethiopians making Aliyah in 2015, less than half that of the previous year, according to a report released by the Central Bureau of Statistics on

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