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United Nations ‘Deeply Concerned’ at Migrants Allegedly Held for Ransom in Libya

Video shows a number of Somalis and Ethiopians, who appear to have been starved and beaten in Libya, saying they are being held for ransom The

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147 Former Ethiopian Convicts Repatriated

A total of 147 former Ethiopian convicts who were recently pardoned by President Edgar Lungu have successfully been repatriated to their home country. The 147 comprise

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EU Supports Fresh start for Returnees in Ethiopia

With restrictions on migration tightening in Europe, many would-be asylum seekers from Ethiopia are choosing to return home. An organization funded by the European Union

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Yemen Evacuates 200 Ethiopian Migrants By Boat To Djibouti

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has evacuated 200 Ethiopian migrants by boat from Yemen, to Djibouti, reports said on Saturday. The evacuation involved two

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Mediterranean Migrant Problems: Hundreds Rescued Off Sicily

Migrants wait to disembark from a coastguard vessel at Messina harbour, Sicily, tens of thousands have managed to sail to Europe this year, but many

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Stranded Ethiopian Nationals Back Home In Conflict-Hit Yemen

The Ethiopian government has continued to evacuate thousands of citizens who are stranded in Yemen’s roiling violence. Spokes person for the Ethiopian ministry of foreign affairs,

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Over 120,000 Ethiopian Migrants Return Home

Ethiopia has brought home in the past month more than 120-thousand migrant workers from Saudi Arabia. Saudi authorities have ordered undocumented workers to leave the

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IOM Facing Funds Gap in Support for Ethiopian Returnees From Saudi

Addis Ababa — The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Ethiopia has renewed its appeal to the international community for help in supporting over 100,000

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