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Gay Men Publicly Caned for Having S3x

The men received more than 80 lashes each, inflicted by hooded men inside a mosque in the city of Banda Aceh as hundreds of people

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Two Gay Men Sentenced to 85 Lashes

A Sharia court in Indonesia's Aceh province has sentenced two men to be caned in public for having gay sex. The men were found guilty of

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How the Saudi King Travels in a Luxurious Manner, 1,500 people, Two Mercedes Benz

Descending regally from his private plane in a customised gold-coloured escalator, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saudbegan the first visit in almost 50

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Maid Forced to sit on Separate Table and Watch Wealthy Employers Eat in Restaurant

The family were photographed enjoying a feast while the maid sat with nothing to eat or drink in a restaurant in Jarkata, the Indonesian capital. A

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Tragic: Singer Bitten by Cobra On Stage Keeps Singing For 45 Minutes, Dies Afterwards

WARNING: Distressing content. Irma Bule was performing a concert with her usual reptile accompaniment when one bit her, administering lethal toxins.  A pop star who kept

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OMG! Woman Brutally Caned In Public For Being Seen Near Man Who Is Not Her Husband

A woman's pride was brutally ripped apart in public after she was alleged to have shown true affection to a man she is not married

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Ethiopian Maid Murders Saudi Employer’s Indonesian Wife

An Ethiopian housemaid killed the Indonesian wife of her Saudi employer by stabbing her many times after an argument at their home in the Gulf

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Reasons Why Burma's Rohingya Muslims Are Among The World's Most Persecuted People

They're denied citizenship, forced into manual labour on government projects and forbidden to marry without official permission. Burma's Rohingya Muslims are often called one of

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Rough Guides: Selects Ethiopia Among Top 10 Best Places 2015

One of the leading publishers of travel guidebook and reference information, Rough Guides, recently held an online vote allowing its readers to select their top

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