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See the Pretty Lady who Hawks Banana on the Streets yet Travels by Air

These photos of a pretty Nigerian lady who sells banana for a living and can afford to travel by by air is currently trending on

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Harvard Yanks 10 Acceptance Letters Over Offensive Facebook Posts

They posted memes about rape and dead children and the Holocaust. They joked that hanging a Mexican child should be called "pinata time." And now

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I Have No Facebook Account at All, says Helen Bedilu

Irritated by the messages posted on fake Helen Bedlu’s Facebook page, which is #ሄለን በድሉ--Actress Helen Bedilu told Dire Tube that she has no Facebook

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Somali Arrest 6 Teenage Boys for Gang-Raping 16-Year-Old and Posting the Video on Facebook

The gang rape of a 16-year-old Somali girl has sparked outrage after a video clip of the incident went viral on social media. According to reports,

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Refugee who took a selfie with Angela Merkel is suing Facebook

A Syrian refugee is suing Facebook for allegedly failing to remove photos falsely linking him to terrorism. Anas Modamani, 19, made headlines in September after a

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Four Teens in Facebook Live Torture Video Charged With Hate Crimes

Four teenagers face hate crime, aggravated kidnapping and other felony charges in connection with the torture and beating of a bound and gagged man in

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Ethiopian blogger considering legal action over social media blackout

A prominent Ethiopian blogger has said he was considering legal action relative to the decision by government to block some social media platforms to prevent

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Research shows hate, dangerous speech low among Ethiopian facebook users

Ethiopians’ discussion on facebook is much more nuanced than perceived to be, according to a team of researchers monitoring the social media. The lead researcher, Iginio

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Panic Ensues As Facebook Crashes

Users worldwide were unable to access the social network for 20 minutes as it suffered its longest outage within recent memory. When the world's most

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"Internet Services Should Be Free For Everyone" says Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has big plans for the future of the Internet, and the old-fashioned dial tone has a role to play — at least metaphorically. In

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