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Redeeming Ethiopia's Place In African Literature

It is difficult to review a book which is well thought, organized and enriched by experience. But it is necessary to review and made an

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Ethiopian literature

Ethiopian literature,  writings either in classical Geʿez (Ethiopic) or in Amharic, the principal modern language of Ethiopia. The earliest extant literary works in Geʿez are

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Abba Bahrey (Ge'ez ባሕርይ bāḥriy, Ge'ez "pearl") was a late 16th century Ethiopian monk, historian, and ethnographer. He is best known for his 1593 work

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Afevork Ghevre Jesus

Āfeworq Gebre Īyesūs (Amharic: አፈ ፡ ወርቅ ፡ ገብረ ፡ ኢየሱስ ፡ ዘብሔረ ፡ ዘጌ?; Italian: Afevork Ghevre-Jesus; July 10, 1868 – September 25, 1947)

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Abiye Teklemariam

Abiye Teklemariam Megenta, also known as Abiye Teklemariam, is an Ethiopian print and radio journalist who co-founded the defunct Addis Neger, which was the largest

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Haddis Alemayehu

Haddis Alemayehu (Amharic: ሀዲስ ዓለማየሁ; haddis alämayähu) (15 October 1910 – 6 December 2003), also transliterated Hadis Alamayahu, was a Foreign Minister and novelist from

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