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Israeli Police Face Racism Allegations After Molesting An Ethiopian Man

Cops say suspect ‘went wild’ during routine arrest in Ramle; Ethiopian-Israelis plan protest in Jerusalem next week  Two policeman were filmed tasing an Ethiopian Israeli man

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Israeli Police Clashes With Anti-Racism Ethiopian Jewish Protesters

Violent clashes erupted yesterday between hundreds of Israeli Jews of Ethiopian origin and the police during anti-racism protests in Tel Aviv. Israel's Channel 10 reported that

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Ethiopian Jews Holds 'Biggest Demonstration' Today

Protesters will demand reversal of decision not to file charges against policeman who beat up Ethiopian soldier. Members of the Ethiopian-Jewish community plan to hold what

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Police Arrests Ethiopian Jews At Rally Over New Racism Protest In Israel

Ethiopian Jews have scuffled with police in Tel Aviv during an unauthorised protest against institutionalised racism in Israel, but there were no serious incidents despite

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IDF Airlifts 14,500 Ethiopian Jews In Under 2 Days

The IDF on Sunday marked 24 years since Operation Solomon, which was conducted on May 24, 1991, and saw 14,500 Ethiopian Jews airlifted to Israel

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Ethiopian Jews In Israel Holds Protest In Tel Aviv Against Racism

About 1,000 protesters chant slogans calling for social justice and condemning institutional racism in Israel. Ethiopian Jews in Israel have staged several rallies against alleged police

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Jewish Agency asks ‘all who are hungry to come and eat’ except Ethiopian Jews living in Israel

The Absorption Ministry blamed the Jewish Agency and the Jewish Agency noted that it was canceling the Passover meals to encourage the Ethiopians to take

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Zimna Brahani, the Mossad operative who risked his life for Ethiopian Jewry

Brahani's colleagues in the daring immigration operations called him 'a hero of Israel.' Shortly before he closed his eyes, he received a last hug from

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Ethiopian community still suffers anguish from exodus 30 years ago

  Psychotrauma certainly isn’t new to the Jewish People. Unspeakable, nightmarish experiences suffered by Holocaust survivors as long as 75 years ago remain fresh in their

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Today In History: IDF Airlifts 14,500 Ethiopian Jews To Israel

“Next year in Jerusalem” are words spoken by Jews all over the world. For the Jews of Ethiopia, this dream was a promise. Exactly 23 years

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Some Blacks Are Welcome In Israel, Others Are Not

The State of Israel has welcomed the arrival of hundreds of black Africans from Ethiopia, while concurrently planning to deport thousands of other black Africans

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