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The Heroes Who Saved Ethiopian Jews

The New York-based “My Jewish Learning” interviews Ethiopian-born Israeli film maker Avishai Mekonen (film: 400 Miles To Freedom) about his new project. When he was 10

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Melanie Lidman on Ethiopian Aliyah

Times of Israel reporter speaks about the delay of Ethiopia’s Jews in coming to Israel

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Defending the Israelite Ancestry of Ethiopian Jews

Historians still debate the precise origins of Ethiopian Jews but agree that it developed largely in isolation until the 20th century The Ethiopian Jews, who primarily

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No Mercy: Airlifted Ethiopian Jews face Racism in Israel

For more than three decades, the story of Operation Moses - the mission to airlift thousands of Jews from Ethiopia and absorb them in Israel

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Israel To Have Ethiopian Jews Story Taught In Schools

Award-winning tale of elderly Ethiopian couple’s journey to Israel by Girma Mengistu to be taught in Israeli schools In a first, the new literature curriculum in

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Is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Government Serious About The Ethiopian Community?

One wonders why an immigrant community that is living in far worse conditions is not being greeted at the airport with balloons and flowers and

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Israeli labor court rule rules Ethiopian rabbis suffered salary discrimination

Ethiopian rabbis and religious leaders suffered salary discrimination, an Israeli labor court ruled. The rabbis and kesim – a traditional Jewish Ethiopian religious leader, will receive

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Ethiopian Jews Hoping For New Life In Israel

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews are hoping that an announcement by the Israeli government will pave the way for a new life in the Middle East.

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Israel Announce US $ 14 mln To Improve Ethiopian Jews Livelihood

The immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel has been a mixed success story: On the one hand, statistics show that the majority of members of

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Is Israel Ready To Have Ethiopian-Jewish Judge?

The Coalition Representative on the Committee for Choosing Judges, Attorney MK Nurit Koren (Likud) told Israeli reporters that one of the goals that she has

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Israeli Government Resumes Taking Ethiopian Jews

The Interior Ministry is pushing for the government to resume facilitating Ethiopian immigration, which ceased in 2013, according to a leaked draft proposal published in

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Ethiopian Jews Currently Fighting Institutionalized Racism In Israel

Beta-Israels (Ethiopian Jews) face frequent issues of racism in Israel. For Ethiopian Jews in Israel, life could be compared to that of a Black person in

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