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Drought In Ethiopia: A Slow-Motion Disaster

A historic drought is sweeping Ethiopia and causing widespread harvest failure across the country. As a result, more than 10 million Ethiopians have been pushed

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Aid Urgently Needed For Drought-Stricken Ethiopia

Aid urgently needed to help children in drought-stricken Ethiopia Nearly half a million children under five suffering severe malnutrition, Kiwis asked to help As the severity of

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Must Watch: Hunger Crisis In Ethiopia Worsens Amid Drought

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has visited a drought-hit region of Ethiopia to help raise awareness of the worsening hunger crisis. More than 10 million people are

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US Announces $97 mln Aid for Ethiopia Drought, Famine Relief

The United States aid agency has announced $97 million in emergency assistance for Ethiopia to help address the "ongoing humanitarian crisis resulting from the impacts

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Economic Hardship: Tanzania Threatens To Deport Migrants Back To Drought-Hit Ethiopia

Tanzanian authorities have threatened to deport hundreds of Ethiopian migrants who have crossed into the country illegally while trying to make their way to South

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Ethiopia Drought 'As Bad For Children As Syria's War'

Ethiopia Drought 'As Bad For Children As Syria's War'

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UK Gives Ethiopia £30m To Fight Drought And Food Crisis

Mekele―The UK will provide an extra £30m in aid for Ethiopia, where a prolonged drought means that more than 18 million people will need urgent

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Canada Provides $30M Emergency Assistance To Drought-Stricken Ethiopia

Canada is contributing $30 million to several United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations working to provide emergency humanitarian assistaCanada provides $30M emergency assistance to drought-stricken

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Two Ethiopian Diasporas Raise MoreThan $30,000 To Help Drought Victims

Two Ethiopian Diasporas Raise MoreThan $30,000 To Help Drought Victims

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Science Behind Current Ethiopia Drought & El Niño Explained

Gro-Intelligence For several months now, Ethiopia has been creeping towards a slow-onset natural disaster. Grain prices have slinked upward, news reports have grown ominous, aid agencies

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Negotiations In Paris As Drought Wreaks Havoc In Ethiopia

The outcome of the current climate discussions in Paris will have a huge impact on the world’s poor, who bear the brunt of disrupted weather

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Documentary On Ethiopia’s Recent Drought

Documentary On Ethiopia’s Recent Drought

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