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The Sultry Spice of Doro Wat, Ethiopia’s National Dish, at Cafe Lalibela

At the center of a serving of doro wat sits a glistening, crimson egg, like the beating heart of a nation’s cuisine, a symbol of

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Ethiopian Food Truck Hits Green Bay

Taste of Ethiopia is a nonprofit food truck that aims to bring Ethiopian flavors to the Green Bay area while helping children in Ethiopia. Sarah

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Bringing the Cuisine of Ethiopia to Canada by Chef Ilona Daniel

“My trip to Ethiopia was an unexpected blessing that has changed my life, as all of my travels do,” Chef Ilona Daniel of Prince Edward

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Chef Marcus Samuelsson Brings Red Rooster to London

Chef Marcus Samuelsson has expanded his popular Harlem restaurant business across the pond, opening a new Red Rooster in London late last month. The restaurant,

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Food Money Sex: Drag Brunch, Ethiopian Food, and $16 Cocktails With the Bestie

In Food Money Sex, we ask anonymous Washingtonians to diary the food they ate, the money they spent, and the sex they had over the

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Have A Taste of Injera Tacos and Yellowfin Tuna Kifto at Union Market’s

Rice bowls are more accessible and easier to grab-and-go than the spongy injera bread that typically accompanies an Ethiopian meal, Chef Hiyaw Gebreyohannes says.  Chef Hiyaw

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Chef Genet Agonafer – A Vegan, Yet Cooks the Best Doro Wot

Ethiopian Chef Genet Agonafer – A Vegan, Yet Cooks the Best Doro Wot Open the front door to chef-owner Genet Agonafer’s restaurant, a dining room that

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St. Yared Brings Traditional Ethiopian Cuisine Experience to the Geist Area

St. Yared Ethiopian Cuisine brings traditional Ethiopian cuisine to the top of Yelp’s list for ‘Top 50 places to eat in Indiana’ Tucked away in a

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Selam Ethiopian Kitchen Brings It Raw

Selam Ethiopian Kitchen: An Uptown butcher shop and market has evolved into a forum for East African feasting. Let’s say you’ve gone to war in the

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You Can Also Learn How to Cook Ethiopian Cuisine

Ambo Ethiopian Cuisine offers traditional food served in individual-sized portions or on family platters. Everyone is welcome to use injera to eat or the restaurant’s

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Why Are Some Chefs Trying to Modernize Ethiopian Cuisines?

You might wonder why anyone would feel the need to refine, Ethiopian cuisine, one of the world’s most singular cuisines, a spicy and essentially sweet-free

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Best Ethiopian Restaurants in Toronto, Canada

Not only does Ethiopian cuisine provide a delicious and unique dining experience, it also fits a wide range of diets with many Ethiopian restaurants offering

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