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London Artist Catherine Chambers To Exhibit Ethiopian-Inspired Collection

A talented Harrow artist is set to displays her latest works at an Ethiopian-inspired exhibition. Catherine Chambers’ work has been heavily influenced by her experiences

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Museum of Russian Icons Showcases Ethiopian Art

The items on display in the Museum of Russian Icons have become legendary, part of the largest collection in North America. Other cultures, however, have icons

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Cutting edge contemporary art movement emerges in Ethiopia

Contemporary Ethiopian artist Tamrat Gazahegn shows off one of his paintings at the Netsa Art Village in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on February 22, 2013. Tamrat

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"Bohemian" Artists, A Revolution In Ethiopia

 Ethiopian art, which for centuries has been synonymous with portraits of saints and political figures, now has a new breed of "bohemian" painters tackling bolder

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Eyob Mergia

The creation of the heavens and earth will be Eyob Mergia's largest project so far.The 35-year-old Sioux Falls artist's design for "The Seven Days of

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Eskinder (Alex) Maffi

AradaOnlin had the greatest honor of having an interview with one of the most amazing visual artists . Eskender (Alex ) Mafi , a prominent

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Fikru Gebre Mariam

Featured in exhibitions in two prestigious French galleries in Autumn 2008, Galerie Alternance in the north and Galerie Cabotse in Paris, the work of Fikru

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Zerihun Yetemgeta

The work of Zerihun Yetmgeta comes directly out of the Ethiopian modern art tradition of the late 60s, which coincides with the rise of a

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Gebrekristos Desta

This month the Goeth-Institue Addis Ababa -Gebrekirstos Desta Center has launched two books -an anthology of his poetry and an art catalogue of the artist’s

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