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Forecasters Say Drought May Linger in Ethiopia

Forecasters are warning that Ethiopia could face more rainfall deficits, deepening a drought that has left nearly eight million of the country's people in need

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Timely seed distributions in Ethiopia boost crop yields

FAO support reinforces food security response to one of the worst El Niño-induced droughts on record. 7 October 2016, Rome - Ethiopia is about to complete

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Why Drought Can’t Drive This Ethiopian Family from Their Home

For Sheyte Amdu and her family, the rehabilitated water point means they can stay in their home. “We would have been displaced,” she says. Sheyte Amdu,

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Ethiopia’s Drought Takes Toll on Children

Metahara District, Ethiopia―Ethiopia is dealing with its worst drought in decades. Its crops failed last year, contributing to food shortages affecting at least 10 million

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Ethiopian Drought: When the Rain Stops Coming

The El Niño weather pattern has significantly impacted the weather patterns around the world. In Ethiopia it started in 2015, limiting agriculture production because anticipated

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A Very Severe Lack of Food Security Spread Across 219 Districts in Ethiopia

The number of Ethiopian districts identified as suffering a humanitarian emergency increased 18 percent to 219 from December to March as the impact of drought

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EU: Supporting the Ethiopian People Now, and Over the Long Term

Ethiopia is being hit hard by one the most severe El Niño phenomenon on record. Numbers speak for themselves – in the past year, the

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Can USAID’s Disaster Team Avert Catastrophe in Ethiopia?

With El Nino’s worst impacts still looming in East Africa, USAID hopes the DART can leverage its logistical and personnel capabilities to set up a

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Ethiopia to Miss 11% Growth Target as Drought Hurts Agriculture

Ethiopia’s economy will expand by between 7 percent and 10 percent this fiscal year, missing the government’s target, as a severe drought hurts agriculture. “The economy

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Invest Now in Ethiopia to Sustain Progress, Save Lives

Ethiopia is suffering from the worst drought on record. It is vital that the United States and its partners act now to sustain the progress

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New Drought Stirs Hunger and Fear

When drought and pests decimated their farm in Ethiopia's northern Amhara region, 10-year-old Eseye Tiruneh and her family boarded a bus, fleeing the starvation all

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Millions Of Ethiopians Will Have No Food In Eight Weeks If Funding Gap Persists

Ethiopia is now firmly in the epicentre of the global El Niño crisis, with widespread drought severely impacting large swathes of the north, central and

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