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What Is behind Tension between Eritrea and Djibouti

The African Union is sending a fact-finding mission to Eritrea and Djibouti as tension mounts over their disputed border at one of the world’s busiest

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Djibouti set to become Africa’s Dubai with new port

Djibouti, Horn of Africa region’s smallest nation, has inaugurated its largest port in efforts to become the African “Dubai”. On Wednesday, as part of Djibouti’s ambitions

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Djibouti, Ethiopia agree to ease border movement, implement agreements

Ethiopia and Djibouti agreed to diversify and widen their scope of cooperation when President Ismael Omar Guelleh paid a three day official visit to Ethiopia. Upon

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Deadly Week Overshadows Grand Opening of Railroad to Djibouti

ADDIS ABABA — The timing was uncomfortable. One of Africa’s best-performing economies on Wednesday launched its latest massive infrastructure project, a railway linking the landlocked

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Addis Ababa–Djibouti Railway Completes Its Test Run

A train recently made a test run along the Addis Ababa–Djibouti railway route, which willsoon open to the public, according to the China Railway Group. During

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Chinese Military Lands In Djibouti

In the night of February 2 to 3, a first contingent of nearly 300 Chinese troops and marines landed in Djibouti and reached North Obock

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Ethiopia Chases Away African Myths

FOR many — in the West and SA — Ethiopia evokes images of all that is wrong with Africa: a hopelessly poor, backward and famine-prone

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Man Arrested In Djibouti After Murdering Mum And Daughter

Man Arrested In Djibouti After Murdering Mum And Daughter

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Ethiopia: Black Rhino Looks At Renewable Power Investments

Black Rhino, owned by funds of U.S. investment company Blackstone Group, said on Wednesday it was looking at investments in Ethiopia’s power generation sector. A foray

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ICC Indictes Isaias Afewerqi

Isayas is an ally of the European World Powers, the US and Israel. However, they don't state it publicity. This has been going on since

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Dubai Seek Ethiopia’s Help To Develop Port In Somaliland

The rise of Houthis in Yemen has brought a regional dynamic which shapes and reshapes regional alliances, gossip observed. Started out as “Believing Youth” in

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Yemen Evacuates 200 Ethiopian Migrants By Boat To Djibouti

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has evacuated 200 Ethiopian migrants by boat from Yemen, to Djibouti, reports said on Saturday. The evacuation involved two

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