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Reason Why There’s a Statue of Bob Marley in Ethiopia

Bob Marley visited Ethiopia in 1978 and stayed in Shashamane, the village formed by those who had taken Emperor Haile Selassie’s offer. When you think of

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Damian Marley Set to Rock the Stage at Ghion Hotel on Tuesday, June 6

Damian Marley is set to do a concert in Addis Ababa on June 6 at the Ghion Hotel. The highly anticipated concert that will be

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Bob Marley Statue in Addis Ababa to be Demolished

After the presumption of the Addis Ababa Traffic Management Agency that the demolition of “unnecessary” avenues would ease the traffic jam in the city, a

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A Celebration of Bob Marley's Birthday

Bob Marley songs still going viral as of February 2017 on his 72nd Anniversary On the 72nd year since the birth of the great Reggae artist,

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Bob Marley's Statue to be Removed by Ethiopian Roads Authority

A statue of Bob Marley in Addis Ababa will be removed from a spot in roundabout in Gerji area where it has stood for the

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Remembering Bob Marley, Who Instinctively Knew that He was An Ethiopian

Jamaican Reggae singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist Bob Marley died on 11 May 1981 in Miami, FL at the age of 36 due to aggressive

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Meet the Rastafarians Who Returned to the Promised Land

Rastafarians around the world are answering the call and relocating to a small town in rural Ethiopia, purported to be the Promised Land  and the

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Bob Marley Talk About Ethiopian Orthodox - Ucla 1979

Bob Marley Talk About Ethiopian Orthodox 

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Bob Marley

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Bob Marley’s Statue To Be Erected In Addis

Reggae legend Bob Marley’s statue is due to be erected in Addis two months later in a great festive celebration; Musician Zeleke Gessese told Addis

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