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Blue Party Slams Court’s Decision on Yonatan

Blue Party has condemned a prison sentencing of its former members by the Federal High Court, which was passed last week. The Federal High Court

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Ethiopian Activist Charged after Anti-government Facebook Posts

The ex-spokesperson for Ethiopia’s main opposition Blue Party has been charged with inciting violence and being a “ring leader” of a banned rebel group after

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Opposition, Government Contest Cause Of Samuel Awoke’s Death

The opposition Blue Party and the Amhara Region Government Communications Affairs Office have provided DireTube with different accounts on the death of Samuel Awoke, a

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Ethiopia: 2 Men Assaults And Kills A Blue Party Leader In Debre Markos

An Ethiopian parliamentary candidate for the opposition Blue Party died after being assaulted in Debre Markos, a town in the country’s northwest, the group said. Two

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In Ethiopia, 'Are You A Journalist?' Is A Loaded Question

Are you a journalist?” the young man asks me as we board the elevator. In Ethiopia, this is a loaded question.  It earned me an extra

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Ethiopia: A Press Release From Blue Party

Blue Party was clear before entering into 2015 Ethiopian General Election as there are no capable and independent institutions to handle free and fair election

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No Suspense In Ethiopia Election (Photos)

There is little surprise regarding the results of Sunday’s Ethiopia poll. The ruling EPRDF party, which has governed the country for nearly 25 years, is

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Dr. Chanie Kebede: We Will Find It Hard To Accept The Election Results

(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) - The Ethiopian Democratic Party’s President, Dr. Chanie Kebede said there were numerous pressures on his party members and observers in almost

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Ethiopians Flock To Polls Amids Little Prospect For Change

The ruling EPRDF party is poised to extend its 24-year rule in an election many have dismissed as a farce. Simona Foltyn reports from Addis

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Yilikal Getnet Professes Govt Banned Him From Traveling To America

An Ethiopian opposition figure says the Ethiopian government has banned him from travelling to the United States for the second time in a year. Chairman

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