10 Delicious Ethiopian Foods You Must Eat Before You Die

10 Delicious Ethiopian Foods You Must Eat Before You Die Ethiopian Foods

Ethiopian cuisine generally consists of vegetables, spicy meat dishes and breads. Now, if you are a food lover and particularly one with soft spot for spice and art, Ethiopian food will definitely surprise you. A typical Ethiopian meal will consist of bread (injera) served with different spicy meat stews(wats) depending of the cultural group you choose to eat from. The cultural groups will also present their foods differently.

However, despite the difference in cultural groups in ingredients and methods of preparing and serving their dishes, the unifying factor is that all the dishes are just delicious! Food is life and since we only live once, below is a number of 10 yummy Ethiopian foods you must eat before you die.

10 Delicious Ethiopian Foods You Must Eat Before You Die

1. Tibs

Tibs is a dish mostly made during special occasions. Basically tibs is meat sautéed with or without vegetables. There is quite a variety of tibs all dependent on the type of meat used, size and even shape of the cuts of meat. Tibs will then be served either hot or mild depending on your preference. Tibs can be compared closely to grilled meat. The big difference is in seasoning and serving. 2. Chechebsa also Known as fit-fit

2. Chechebsa also Known as fit-fit

Now, this is one of the most delicious Ethiopian foods and one that is on top of my favourite Ethiopian dish list. Chechesba is a typical breakfast food that is not only very appealing to the eye but also very tasty. It is like biting into a little piece of heaven. Fit-fit consists of bread (kitcha) which is unleavened. This bread is shredded and stir-fried either in Wat or spices, seasoned butter (niter kibbeh) and berbere spice mixture which is basic ingredient in most Ethiopian dishes. It is a perfect dish to kick-off the day.

3. Kitfo

Kitfo consists of raw minced beef marinated in a very spicy chilli powder and seasoned butter. Ayibe, a mild cottage cheese may be served on the side to soften the effect of the chilli. Ayibe has no distinct taste. There is also Gomen kitfo which uses collard greens in place of the beef mince.

4. Chuuco

This is a tasty dish consisting of whole grain also known as besso which is then flavoured with berbere and butter. Chuuco is also a healthy food

5. Ethiopian Lentils with Sweet Potatoes or Yams.

This is one of the Ethiopian dishes that anyone with a good cooking hand can manage to make. It is pretty easy and quick to make. The only challenge you might face is in adding of the spices(amounts). This dish is served on its own but can also be served as a wat.

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