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Detention of Top Junta Leaders Crucial to Ensure Peace, Rule of…

Jan 14, 2021
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Addis Ababa January 13/2021 (ENA)  The recent detention of the top TPLF junta leaders is crucial to ensure rule of law and maintain peace in the country, according to competitive parties.

Tigray Democratic Party Chairman, Aregawi Berhe told ENA that the junta has committed various atrocities against Ethiopians, including violation of human rights.

The extremist group has also been plotting to destabilize the country after it fled to the regional capital Mekele by rejecting the reform in the country.

Moreover, the chairman noted that the fugitive group shamefully attacked the Northern Command of the National Defense Force. Nobody who commits such atrocities serves  the interest of the people.  

According to Aregawi, the capture of several of the junta leaders would help to ensure peace and rule of law.

“The capture of the junta leaders would open a new chapter for Ethiopians. We have now entered a new era of hope, democracy, unity and solidarity. There would be no more dictatorship by a group.”

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Deputy Chairman, Chane Kebede said the group has been creating instability and hampering citizens from leading stable life.

He attributed the displacements, destruction of properties and killings of civilians in different parts of the country to the machinations of TPLF.

The government has also been very patient with TPLF’s illegal and reckless actions, the deputy chairman said, adding that from the perspective of the government, however, the patience is meant not to cause harm to the people of Tigray.        

“Their final act in attacking the Northern Command nevertheless shocked and saddened all the Ethiopian people. The TPLF cliques was moving in a direction that endangered not only the Ethiopian people but also the people of Tigray.”

Noting that the National Defense Force have been the guardians of the country’s sovereignty, Chane said the detention of the top TPLF criminal leaders would strengthen the nation.  

“It is important for the Ethiopian people to capture and destroy these leaders. People accepted this as positive. The move in this regard would also contribute to the recent peace in the country as well as the political and development endeavors.”

He further stressed that the arrest of the top leaders would create opportunity to Tigray People to benefit from the inclusive development endeavors in the country.

The Ethiopian National Defense Force, in collaboration with the Federal Police and other security agencies, has intensified its efforts to bring to justice the treasonous junta leaders to justice.

Accordingly, top TPLF junta leaders, including Sebhat Nega, the mastermind behind the destructive strategy of the TPLF junta to disintegrate the country, were captured and some of the military officers killed.

Sebhat Nega, former Tigray Regional State Chief Administrator, Abay Woldu and Deputy Chief Administrator of the region, Abrham Tekeste as well as other TPLF junta leaders were brought to Addis Ababa last week.

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