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Sudanese Armed Forces Inflaming Border Situation: FA Spokesperson

Jan 12, 2021
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Addis Ababa January 12/2021 (ENA) The Sudanese armed forces have been inflaming the border situation despite Ethiopia’s magnanimous and tolerant attitude to settle the issues peacefully, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said.

Briefing the media today, Dina said the differences between Ethiopia and Sudan on the border issue have been there for 100 years and both countries tried to settle the issue peacefully.

Recently, however, taking Ethiopia’s attention to the law and order operation in the northern part of Ethiopia as opportunity, the Sudanese armed forces have pushed into Ethiopian territory and occupied farms and looted properties, he pointed out.

Dina stressed that the government does not “believe that this is helpful to both Sudanese and Ethiopians. The Ethiopian government has been tolerant and magnanimous enough to tell the Sudanese colleagues to let us take care of the robust friendship and cordial relationship that existed.”

The message that has been constantly communicated to the Sudanese side is clear. “We are asking them to observe the status quo which had been there since 1902,” the spokesperson underscored.

Despite all the efforts exerted by Ethiopia, he revealed that “the Sudanese side seems to be pushing to inflame the situation.”  

With regard to GERD negotiations, Dina stated that the tripartite meeting that resumed last Sunday was disrupted as Ethiopia and Egypt agreed with the proposition put forward, while Sudan declined (putting enhancement of the Terms of reference of the experts as a prerequisite), compelling the closure of the meeting.

At the meeting where ministers of water and foreign affairs of the three countries came again together with South Africa presenting working document.

Accordingly, the virtual meeting of ministers of foreign affairs and ministers of water affairs of Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan was held on 10 January 2021.

The Chairperson of AU Executive Council proposed for the three countries to have a three-day bilateral meeting with the AU designated experts to be followed by a trilateral meeting and report the outcome to her office.

While Ethiopia and Egypt agreed with the proposition, Sudan declined (putting enhancement of the Terms of Reference of the experts as a prerequisite), compelling the closure of the meeting.

The Chairperson of AU Executive Council is expected to report about the deadlock to the Chairperson of the African Union.

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