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Study Discloses Prevalence of Corrupted Practices in Mining Sector

Jan 12, 2021
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Addis Ababa January 12/2013 (ENA) A study released today revealed that there is high corruption risk in the mining sector with 61 percent of the respondents agreeing that corruption occurs in their localities.

The study conducted from January 2019 to October 2019 and sponsored by the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission was presented at a workshop.

According to the study, evidences showed the presence of high risk of corruption as challenge of achieving good governance in local government, regional and federal public offices affected the mining sector since government bodies are the main regulatory body of the sector.

The high risk corrupt practices are observed in environmental impact assessment, government conduct of due diligence, smooth revenue collection, corporate social responsibility, community benefit and license process transparency, it added.

In addition to the many recommendations made by the study, it stressed the need for willingness, commitment, consistency and determination of all stakeholders to address corruption and other challenges in the mining sector.

Mines and Petroleum State Minister, Simegn Wubie said the findings of the study show the reality on the ground though the ministry has been undergoing reforms to transform the sector.

According to her, the study will help the ministry as an input to improve the sector.

From among the recommendations, she stated that the ministry has introduced online modern licensing and cadastre system, raising the number of mineral shopping at local level and working to scale up benefits of communities around mining sites.

She pointed out that the ministry has also finalized mining and petroleum policies that transform the sector for approval.

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