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Security Menace Easing in Metekel Zone

Jan 11, 2021
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Addis Ababa, January 11/2021( ENARelative peace in Metekel Zone of Benshangul Gumuze Region has been restored and residents’ security threat is being reduced following the deployment of the task-force established by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to enforce law in the region.

The task-force has been working to finalize its law enforcement operation within one month and handover its mission to the Zonal administration after ensuring normalcy.

The task-force has today begun evaluating its two-week activities undertaken so far in the presence of Zonal and district heads, representatives from the neighboring Oromia and Amhara regional states.

The task-force had discussed with representatives of the general public from various districts and Kebeles, as well as elders, scholars and the youth over the past two weeks, it was indicated.  

It has also been taking measures of law enforcement against the armed bandits in the area and able to liberate areas that were under the control of the bandits.

During the discussions, it was confirmed that relative normalcy has been witnessed in Metekel Zone and the security threats of the resident have also been easing due to the law enforcement operation being undertaken by the national defense forces across the region.

Common understanding was also reflected during the public discussions that the massacre orchestrated by the armed bandit over innocent civilians based on their identity and the distraction of properties doesn’t represent any ethnic group in the country.  

Effort has also been carried out to get rid of and make accountable officials who failed to properly discharge their responsibilities.  

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