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And finally… basta pasta

Jan 11, 2021
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An Italian pasta maker has apologised after naming a product in apparent tribute to Mussolini’s military campaign in Ethiopia.

La Molisana has promised to rename the “Abissine” pasta, named after fascist Italy’s 1930s colonial war in what was then known as Abyssinia.

In a post promoting the product, the company wrote: “In the 1930s Italy celebrated the season of colonialism with new forms of pasta. Did pasta become a unifying force? Why not!”

The popular outcry included a statement from the National Association of Partisans, which pointed out that La Molisana was itself targeted by fascists in the 1940s, The Times reports.

The pasta has now been renamed to “Conchiglie”, a reference to its shell shape. The company admitted the former name “recalled a dramatic page in history in an unacceptable manner”.

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