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Mastermind Behind TPLF Strategy, Junta Leader Sebhat Nega Caught: Nat’l Defense…

Jan 08, 2021
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Addis Ababa January 8/2021 (ENA) The mastermind behind the strategy that created havoc during the last 27 years in Ethiopia and finally opened bloody war by massacring the army, Sebhat Nega, has been caught, according to Ethiopian National Defense Force.

ENDF Deployment Department Head, Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew told ENA that Sebhat Nega, the top TPLF junta leader was captured hiding in a ravine extremely difficult to reach. 

According to Brigadier General Tesfaye, members of the destructive force carried him into the deep and narrow gorge with steep sides.

Along with the junta leader were also arrested former members of the national defense force who betrayed the army, the head stated.

The treacherous former army officers had been training the fighters of the junta and taking part in combat along with them.

They were eventually caught while coordinating security operation around the junta leadership, Brigadier General Tesfaye elaborated.

Those guarding the junta leadership had been destroyed.

The following have been captured by the national defense force.

1. Sebhat Nega − Mastermind behind the destructive strategy and the junta’s top leader.

2. Lieutenant colonel Tseadu Rich – The spouse of Sebhat Nega and health professional at the Armed Forces Hospital and later retired.

  3. Colonel Kinfe  Tadese – Defector from the National Defense Force.

4. Colonel Yemane Kahsay – Defector from the National Defense Force.

5. Asgede G/ Christos – Unidentified person who traveled all the way from the central part of Ethiopia to join the group

6. Amdemariam Tessema Tewolde– Former Regional Ombudsman

7. Commander Berhe Girma– Logistics Head of the Regional Special Force

8. Alganesh Meles – Spouse of the late Major General Hayelom Araya and who used to live in the United States but came to the country to join the junta.

She fell down a cliff and passed away while fleeing from the national defense force, the head disclosed.

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