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Council of Ministers Passes Decisions on Various Issues

Jan 08, 2021
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Addis Ababa January 8/2021 (ENA) The Council of Ministers, in its 94th regular session, has passed decisions on various agendas after deliberations today.

Among the issues discussed was Ethiopian oversees employment draft proclamation. Following discussion on the gaps witnessed during the implementation of the current proclamation and based on research, the council referred the proclamation to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) for endorsement.

Similarly, the HPR discussed and passed decisions on the agreements signed between Ethiopia and Uganda on extradition of offenders and the joint justice affairs.

Following the deep assessments of all the significant impacts that would benefit both countries to detain and exchange criminals, the council has passed decision and referred the proclamation and other relevant agreements to be adopted by the House.

It also discussed and passed decision on replacing by diplomatic VISA with service passport for citizens travelling to South Africa so as to strengthen the countries diplomatic relations.

The other referred draft proclamation to the House was to ratify the International Development Association (IDA) loan agreement signed for the implementation of the fifth phase of the Safety Net Program for the approval of 200 million USD interest-free loan agreement.

Finally, the other documents referred to the House for endorsement were the regulation for the Establishment of Ethio-Telecom, and Financial Management Audit Board in Ethiopia service payment draft proclamation, it was learned.

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