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Gondar to Raise 1 Bln Birr from Banquet to Finance Gorgora…

Dec 30, 2020
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Addis Ababa December 30/2020 (ENA) The City Administration of Gondar announced plan to host a Banquet aimed at raising one billion Birr to finance Gorgora tourism development site which is one of the three prospective tourist attractions being developed under the “Dine for the Nation” initiative. 

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed established a national committee that mobilizes fund for three tourist development projects in Amhara, Oromia, and Southern Nation Nationality and People’s regional states.

Gorgora which is located in Amhara Regional State is one of these tourist attractions.

Speaking to Ethiopian News Agency, Gondar City Mayor, Mola Melekamu said that Gondar has been preparing to host a Banquet to mobilize one billion Birr to help finance the Gorgora project.

The grand Banquet dubbed ‘King’s Dinner’ is expected to bring together potential investors and other dignitaries from Amhara Regional State, he added.

The ancient town of Gorgora is believed to bring about development opportunities to Gondar, the mayor said, adding that realizing the project will create economic benefits to the local community beyond the city.

He further stated that the project is expected to significantly attract more tourists, create job opportunities and investment in the area. 

“Essentially, this Gorgora development project requires a lot of manpower and we have started to organize our young graduates in the field of engineering and other related fields to be beneficial from the project. But not only will the project create more jobs, it will also attract investors to invest in Gorgora and Gondar as the two cities are interconnected. Thus, the project needs to be jointly developed,” the mayor noted.

As Gorgora is a nearest town, the tourist attraction project would steadily increase the number of tourists visiting the area will benefit the city of Gondar in this regard.

Mola further stated that the youth that are engaged in micro and small enterprises in the area will also be advantageous by supplying various inputs vital for the construction of the project.

Up on completion, this natural attraction project would enhance tourism activities not only around Gorgora but also in the city of Gondar as it the nearest location to the project.

“This project will significantly enhance the overall tourism activity. Especially, when the development of the infrastructures in the area and the project are completed quickly, tourists who visit Gondar will not return without visiting Gorgora. In general, this project will bring a significant difference in the economic and social situation of this area.” 

The community in the area will also be the major stakeholders of the project, he said.

Situated in the northern shore of Lake Tana, 60km southwest of Gondar, Gorgora is one of the oldest town in northwestern Ethiopia.

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