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Bees sting herder to death in Hiyalla, Torit County

Dec 30, 2020
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Charles Atalla, a 36-year-old cattle herder, was stung to death by bees in Hiyalla Village of Torit County in Eastern Equatoria State on Christmas day.

The deceased, according to local authorities, was grazing cattle when the bees descended upon him. 

John Oromo, the Hiyalla village chief said, “People are well, except that there is a man who was stung to death by bees on Christmas day. He was grazing animals in the forest near the village and the people who were with him said the bees swarmed the late and stung him to death. The bees were disturbed by the cattle while he was sitting down on an anthill. His name is Charles Atalla, 36 years old.” 

Oromo said that apart from the unfortunate incident, Christmas celebrations were peaceful in the Payam often plagued by inter-communal fighting and revenge killings.

He said peace is prevailing following the recent dialogue to end killings between Hiyalla and Haforiere villages.

“I want to tell my people that let us peacefully celebrate the New Year, nothing should happen to us here because we have already sworn peace with these people (Haforiere),” Chief Oromo said. “The rainmakers also swore. We took a goat and Haforiere also brought theirs, now we are staying peacefully with them with no problems.” 

Samson Attari, a youth from Hiyalla confirmed the death of their colleague, Atalla, but said Christmas celebrations were peaceful in Hiyalla village.

“Christmas was good and we celebrated well except for our brother who was killed by bees. He tried to run but could not make it. I want to be thankful for this Christmas that we celebrated, there was some sign of peace in our community of Otuho, especially in our Payam of Hiyalla. I want to say we should continue to be brothers. What happened should not repeat itself,” Attari said.

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