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Democratic Institutions Re-Organized to Properly Discharge Responsibilities: Official

Dec 28, 2020
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Addis Ababa December 28/2020 (ENA) Democratic institutions in Ethiopia have been showing progress in fulfilling their responsibilities as they are re-organized with adequate budget, efficient leadership, and legal instruments, according to Democracy Building Center Coordinator Cluster Head at Prime Minister Office, Zadig Abraha. 

In an exclusive interview with ENA Zadig said the need for a democratic system in Ethiopia is not just a luxury, but it is the only alternative to properly accommodate the diverse interests of the nation which is made up of people with different ethnic groups, religions, and languages.   

Hence, strengthening vital democratic institutions has been one of the priorities of the government since the past two and half years, he said.

In this regard, measures were taken in a bid to ensure institutional independence by revising the various legal and procedural bottlenecks, he added.      

“Efficient and independent individuals were appointed in the leadership positions of key democratic institutions such as the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, among others” according to Zadig.

As a result of the reforms being underway, the institutions have now been showing progress in fulfilling their responsibilities in a manner that address the demands of the people.    

According to him, the government is committed to creating strong democratic institutions.

However, Zadeg stressed the need to further enhance the process of building the institutions for it is difficult to address the existing challenges overnight.

And he urged all Ethiopians including civil societies to play their part in making the change stronger.

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