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Tigray Has Never Been One and the Same with TPLF, Say…

Dec 26, 2020
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Mekelle, December 26/2020(ENA)The people of Tigray and the TPLF have never been the same as the people existed long before the front was formed; and Tigrayans will also continue living in the future, some residents of Mekelle City noted. 

Tigray Regional State Interim Administration officials held discussion with residents of Mekelle yesterday.

The discussion was led by Tigray Interim Administration CEO Mulu Nega,  Tigray Prosperity Party Senior Leader Abraham Belay, Northern Command Chief Major General Belay Seyoum, and Mekelle City Interim Mayor Ataklti Haileselassie.

Residents of the city who took part in the discussion condemned the treasonous attack of TPLF on the defense force, stressing that the act is unacceptable and does not represent the people of Tigray.

They further recalled that party and government were one and the same during the rule of TPLF, adding that the interim administration should learn from the mistake and clearly separate the entities. 

According to the inhabitants, the people of Tigray and the TPLF have never been one and the same. The people lived long before the front was established, and they will also live in the future.

The residents demanded well-organized police force which could sustain lasting peace and stability in the city.

They also called for immediate resumption of banking, transportation and internet services in the city.

Major General Belay Seyoum said on the occasion that “we understand the attack of TPLF on the Northern Command does not represent the people.”

Besides hunting down criminals and rebuilding the region, the defense force has been working day and night to ensure lasting peace and stability in Tigray Regional State, he added.

Tigray Interim Administration Chief Executive Officer Mulu Nega said on his part the government is working hard to rebuild the damaged infrastructure.

Many infrastructures will be operational in the near future, he promised.

Tigray Prosperity Party Senior leader Abraham Belay stated that from now onwards Tigray will focus on peace, unity and development. 

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